Wednesday 24 October 2012

Paulina Arcklin - Picture This

I recently blogged about an apartment that had been furnished and styled by the VT Wonen team for their digital Magalogue. The photos I featured were taken by a Finnish photographer, Paulina Arcklin. While researching Paulina for that feature, I knew I had to show you more of her work - it's so gorgeous, and she has put together a unique concept for her business.

Based in Amsterdam, Paulina has spent the last seven years working as a freelance interior writer, stylist and photographer for international interior magazines. Now she has taken all of her talents and experience and formed a business called Picture This. She can provide a full service package for companies wanting to market their products. From conception to planning, photo styling and photography - she can do it all and save you the hassle of having to hire three different people.

These days with more and more people shopping and buying online, you need to showcase your products in the best possible light. Beautiful styling, and photography will definitely help to sell your products, and Paulina is the one to help you. Although she is based in Amsterdam, she can travel anywhere. Below are just a few examples of her work - some she has just photographed; others she has planned, styled and photographed. You can see many more examples on her website.


  1. So lovely, I like every pic, lot of details and this is very inspirational :)

  2. I've been pinning some of her work lately and am totally in love. It's so great to gain a bit of background knowledge. That gold pouf is gorgeous!! x

  3. Beautiful images here. I am totally envious of people who have an amazing eye for photography, it's a wonderful talent to have. What a great business idea she has come up with, Love it! Yels x

  4. I have to agree with Yels and say that I am so envious of people who have this kind 'eye' when it comes to interior styling. I will definitely be checking out more of her work.

  5. I love these images Vic, what a talented stylist she is, each of these product/interiors have a very different feel to them. Sometimes stylist seem to have the same old same old but she is fresh and vibrant but also sympathetic to using neutrals as well to show off products. I will have to check out her website for sure.

    I am still doing up my mums house to sell next year and plan to do some styling myself with a mixture of some of her furnishing and some of mine which I plan to take over. I have to work with her old mahogany Queen Anne cane suite which is covered with a damask velvet in gold!! Eeek I currently have all sorts of ideas from going bold with purple and white cushions or alternatively yellow and white cushions in various pattterns. I have a large Kashmir rug in terracottas with a touch of blue and gold which I think will work well with the suite but cushions, well I am open to ideas thats for sure.

    Lee :)

    1. Hi Lee, sounds amazing. If you post any 'before' photos on your blog, I'd love to check it out. I'd have to see it before I recommended anything. x

  6. What a dream job she has! Those photos are amazing! Loving that yellow floral wallpaper :)

    Abbey x

  7. I just dicover your cute blog!!! You have a new follower!
    Greetings from Rome, Eva of Fancy Windows.

  8. A feast for the eyes in every image. And that floor in the last picture?! Swoon!


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