Monday, 1 September 2014

Tips for Renters

There is no doubt that decorating and styling your home can be much harder when you're renting. You can't rip down walls or pull up carpet, and even hanging pictures on the wall is often frowned upon by landlords. If you're prepared to do the work yourself (or pay someone to do it) you may be able to paint the walls a neutral colour if your landlord agrees, but you have to weigh up how much you want to spend on a place that you don't own. There are, however, ways of adding your mark to your rental home.

You can get some fabulous wall decals that are removable - perfect for renters, as they can be taken down without damaging the wall, and reapplied in the next home.


If you're not allowed to put nails in the wall, try leaning your artwork up against the wall. You still get great impact, and there's something a bit more casual about this look.

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The same can be done with mirrors.

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Invest in pieces that you can take with you when you move, pieces that will bring personality to your home. Rugs are fantastic for bringing warmth, colour and texture, and for covering up any unsightly flooring or stains. Great furniture and accessories are key.


Plants help bring life and texture to a room, as well as purifying the air. Have fun by housing the plants in attractive pots and baskets.


You may even want to take down any particularly ugly curtains and replace with some of your choice. Just make sure you keep the original curtains safe and rehang them when you leave.

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A lot of these images feature more than one of the tips I've mentioned, so I hope they can inspire you to make your rental home a place you can be proud of.
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Friday, 29 August 2014

Stunning Home Extension

Our little home is a constant work in progress, as I slowly turn it into our beautiful retreat. I always think of the kitchen (our last remaining room to renovate) as being the final piece of the puzzle. But as the kids are getting bigger at a remarkable rate, in a few years we will need to either move to a larger home, or extend this home. The home I'm about to show you has inspired me with the rear extension onto their double-fronted weatherboard house.

Techné Architecture + Interior Design collaborated with Doherty Design Studio
renovating the existing home to include 4 bedrooms, a study and open-plan living area.
The facade of the home was retained and a two-storey extension added, based on the form of a contemporary shipping container. The bright blue front door is the only hint that something extra special lies beyond.

There are lots of cool, creative touches throughout. I love the panel with the paint trickling down - the blue linking back to the front door.

Those office chairs are simply gorgeous and I will now be on the hunt for something similar. The leather cupboard handles are another clever touch.

The open-plan kitchen, dining, and living room open out onto a beautiful courtyard and garden. Looking up to the louvered windows of the second floor, it makes me want to explore up there to see how fabulous all the bedrooms are.

We do get to see the two bathrooms, which are both spectacular. I love the blue frame with the mirror filling roughly two thirds of it.

The wood with the white is beautiful. I love the hexagon tiles, and of course, those mirrors. Don't ask me where they're from, I've been looking and haven't found them yet.
If you know, please share with me :)

Thursday, 28 August 2014

A Touch of Gold | Three Ways

I love gold! The smallest addition can make the biggest impact. The emerald green wall below is stunning, but add the gold mirror and it takes it to a whole new level.


A painted front door is a lovely welcome, but a gold painted front door is extra special!


I love a touch of gold in the wardrobe. I've just bought these boots, and they are my new faves. I love the style and the length, but it was the gold details that sold me on them.


Here are a few more ways you can bring some gold into your home and life...

Adore book | Harriet sandal | triangle pendant | Moroccan pouf
Tilly clutch | petite gold cutlery | hammered candle

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