Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Beach House | Homepolish

Since I first discovered Homepolish, I've been a fan (my first post), and love checking up on their projects for a healthy dose of inspiration. Homepolish works with talented young designers, their aim is to make interior design accessible to everyone.

I was super envious of this gorgeous beach house project - firstly, I love the pared back sophistication and breathtaking location; but also because the homeowner, John, briefed Orlando, the designer and Homepolish's LA Creative Director, handed over his keys and flew back to his house in San Francisco. Orlando was left with a beautiful empty shell in which to create a relaxing retreat for John and his friends. This would be a dream job for me!

Orlando has done a brilliant job designing the layout, sourcing all the furniture, delivery and installation. Colour has been used sparingly and reflects the seaside surroundings. The furniture all has gorgeous clean lines to add to the sense of calm, and the materials used are simply stunning - marble, brass, concrete, and those amazing golden jute rugs.

You know how much I love tiny nooks, and this little work space may be my favourite - so simple, so stunning.

The bedroom boasts the same simple elegance. Such a gorgeous space, if I was John, the hardest part would be packing up and leaving each time. Isn't it fabulous?! To see and read more about this project, pop over here.

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Birds of a Feather | Claire Rosen

With my great love of pattern & colour, wallpaper, and birds, you can imagine my delight when I came across these incredibly gorgeous photos by Claire Rosen. The series is called "Birds of a Feather". Each live bird is photographed in front of a backdrop of complementary vintage wallpaper.

I am so impressed with Claire's photography. You can imagine how difficult it would be to capture the birds in a still photo, and she's matched them so beautifully with their wallpaper. I would love one hanging on my wall, but which would I choose? Which is your favourite? Be sure to go and see the complete series here.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Creating an Entrance

I've said it a lot, I know, but I feel very strongly about how important a good entranceway in a home is. It creates your first impression and it welcomes you into the house. Dael & I are working with a client whose first point of entry is through a set of French doors straight into the living room. I know there are a lot of homes that don't have a foyer or entry hall, but that doesn't mean you can't still create an illusion of an entranceway.

There are two ways to do this... create a physical barrier, or a visual one. You can use furniture pieces to create a physical barrier. A sofa can be positioned so that it's back creates a walkway, or mini hallway. You could also use a large (securely fastened) bookshelf or cabinet.

1 | 2 | 3

A visual barrier is created by giving you something to instantly focus on as you enter the house. A console or hall table gives you a place to pause as you enter, also a place to pop your keys or the mail.


A mirror or piece of art above the table helps to anchor the setting, and a rug or runner is perfect for leading you into the room.

1 | 2

A long stool works well too - it provides a place to put your shoes on as you're heading out, or pop your bag down when coming in. Again, the art helps define the space and the rug welcomes and leads you in.

1 | 2

This little round table (below) is placed just inside the doors, working in the same way as the console tables and stools. The cowhide rug is the anchor this time, stopping the table from floating aimlessly in the space.


The room our clients first walk into is large and open plan, so we will be using quite a long credenza. Plenty of drawers will provide storage for mail and bits and pieces they want to hide away. On top we'll be able to create a lovely welcoming vignette, and hang a favourite piece of art behind.


Does your front door lead straight into a room rather than a hall? If so, what are your tricks?
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