Wednesday 2 March 2016

Portrait of a Lady

I am often drawn to portraits of women, and I love seeing them used in interiors. It doesn't have to be (and more often is not) someone you know, just an image that "speaks" to you. A vintage painting is always nice, I think, to contrast the more modern elements that a lot of us have in our homes.

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Although he is a contemporary artist, David Bromley's "Nudes" series is a favourite of mine.


And Tretchikoff is another favourite, especially Miss Wong.


Anna Spiro created one of her famous picture walls, featuring mostly women, at the Halcyon House restaurant. I sometimes think I should do that with my collection.


Photographs can also be really striking, especially if they're larger than life.

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Do you share my love of lady portraits? Which is your fave from the selection above?

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  1. Love them all!!! I have a tapestry I found of a gypsy girl with the most beautiful big brown eyes. The eyes are what draws me in..... :)


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