Saturday 30 April 2011

Love of Lace

OK, so wasn't Kate's dress beautiful! She looked absolutely stunning. 
All my friends & family will tell you that I am a real girly-girl, therefore, it's only natural that I love lace. Here are a few of my favourite lace inspired items - most of them I have already blogged about, but here they are all together.

Kate Middleton's wedding dress
Granny wall shelf
Carrie bicycle basket
Two Black Cats pillow & pillowcases
Porcelain Rove cups and Lacy bird bowl
Eva Bradley photograph


  1. Oh I love image inspired posts. Those pillow covers are great.

  2. I know, I love these pillow covers too. I'm going to be stocking them in my Cush & Nooks online boutique. Still early days, won't be going live for a wee while, but if you want any of the pillow slips let me know, I should be able to get some for you. xxx

  3. Oooh I will be on the look out!


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