Wednesday 28 September 2011

Silke Neumann's Apartment

Sit back and let me take you on a little tour of the amazing Berlin apartment belonging to Silke Neumann. Silke owns agency Bureau N and works in communication with a focus on PR, specialising in art, culture, design and architecture. These are the people and subjects that excite her, and she often throws dinner parties at her apartment inviting people from these fields. If you want to see and read more about Silke and her apartment, go here. As you can imagine, the neon pink wall is my favourite feature!


  1. Oh I really like the look of this - it looks like it would be so interesting to look around! Loved your Alice in Wonderland post too! x

  2. those pink tones are just charming. pure bliss in my books.

  3. The pink is a great detail. I also like the wall with the 'art within art' , and that herringbone floor?!


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