Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Magazine Updates

Phew! Yesterday's post prompted me to update all my online magazines, which is always a big job, as I have to read all the magazines as I go - tough, I know! You can find all my online mags in the right hand column, click on the cover (in the right hand column) to be taken through to the magazine.

Those that I have updated today are Est, Rue, and House of Fifty. And, I have added a new magazine for you to check out, called Llamas' Valley. Born in Lithuania, it's all about perfect places, and imperfect people; inspiration, creativity, joy, cosiness, delicious life. Well, how can you resist having a look after that?! Here's a sneak peek...


  1. I may not have much time to sit and read actual magazines at home. But online magazines- any time! Thanks Vic

  2. Lots of great reading here, thank you! xo K

  3. Added Llamas' Valley to my weekend reading list - looks fab!

  4. You are a whiz Vic! It's definitely a job to keep up to date with all the wonderful online mags available :)

    Abbey x

  5. Love Llama's Valley. Thanks for having the links to all of these- makes it so easy! Have a great day.

  6. Yeah! Another online mag to indulge in!!!


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