Friday 22 November 2013

Eclectic Heaven

I recently posted an article about Rachel Bilson's home in the latest Lonny Magazine. Well, Rachel's wasn't the only home that I fell in love with in that issue. The following quirky Connecticut home belongs to Samantha Knapp, and her brave, eclectic style won me over!

A former TV news reporter, Samantha is now the youthful force behind her parent's interior design studio, Tiger Lily's Greenwich. She got to showcase her vibrant and playful style in her Connecticut cottage. Samantha has a talent for taking traditional design and tweaking it for maximum impact. Not shy of mixing patterns, she manages to team a leopard rug quite happily with an Bohemian covered antique sofa - quite beautiful!

In fact her home is filled with juxtapositions that help to create a fun, inviting, and warm environment.

One of my favourite quotes in the article is when Samantha talks about her use of bold colours... "A lot of people tend to go safe with grays - they think if it's neutral it can last for 15 to 20 years. I don't agree. When you tire of something, you tire of it". In other words, be adventurous!

Samantha's bedroom is one of her favourite spots, and I can see why. Ultra feminine with some edge touches, it's a beautiful space.

Another unique feature in the bedroom is this curvaceous glass cocktail table topped with a faux clamshell that Samantha planted with cacti and moss. Such gorgeous form and texture, it's quite stunning.

And one of my favourite pieces is the stone birdbath in the bathroom, which has had a painted terra-cotta bowl fitted inside and is home to Bugsy the fish. Not something everyone would think to do, but it looks amazing!

Make sure you pop over to Lonny and read the full story, there is so much more and you'll love it.


  1. i loved this home too. i love the panelled walls.

  2. What a fabulous home. I am not overly keen on timber walls but have to admit that the ones in the living area are actually enhanced by the decor. A very surprising mix for a cottage and one could never get bored with these pieces. I am very much a toned down person but appreciate other peoples colourful, eclectic styles.

    Lee ;)


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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