Friday 13 December 2013

Farmers Gift Globe

How's your Christmas shopping going? Are you one of those super organised people who has it all sorted early December?! If, like me, you're still ticking off that list and need some help, I've got a fantastic app for you to try. It's called the 'Farmers Gift Globe' and it's designed to ease the stress of finding the perfect gift for every member of the family. 

So fun to use, you simply select the age and gender of the recipient, and your price bracket, and the globe will choose a Farmers product to suit. If you want another idea, click 'shake again' and a new product will appear - great huh?! You've got to try it out.

After trying the globe out for myself, and brimming with gift ideas, I headed into our local Farmers store in Napier. The plan was to pick a gift each for my three young daughters.

My eldest has just turned 11, and is all about music, movies and pop stars these days. The makeup and perfume department has some amazing gift sets, and I got some fabulous advice from Christine, one of the beauty consultants. She showed me the huge range of perfumes, a lot of them aimed at the younger market. It seems every pop star has their own perfume - Taylor Swift, Nicki Manaj, Rihanna, Justin Bieber... but the favourite in our household is Selena Gomez.

That was a good start, but I wanted to check out the toy department upstairs before I made any decisions. I only got a little bit distracted on the way - lots of cute things!

Right, back on track... every toy imaginable is available at Farmers, and there truly is something for everyone. My two youngest are twins, and will turn 9 early next year. They're very much action girls, who love the outdoors, and anything to do with water.

After agonising over the choices I finally decided on a pretty impressive looking water gun each. I know they'll love them, as their friends have one, and this has provided hours of fun in the past. So as not to feel left out, I bought a smaller version for big sis and headed back to get her the Selena Gomez perfume also.

Happy days, I can't wait til Christmas now and to see their faces when they open their presents. Make sure you check out the Farmer Gift Globe, which can be found on the Farmers Facebook page. And pop into your local store for lots of brilliant gift ideas.


  1. Cool Vic. Successful trip!! I havent done any of my shopping! Been meaning to. All a bit daunting this year actually! x

    1. I know Amy, this year has caught me by surprise. But I'm starting to get there slowly :) x

  2. Great post Vic, love the photos! Gotta love Farmers!

    1. Thanks Kim, yes, great shopping at Farmers :) x


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