Thursday 10 July 2014

Natural Beauty

I always look to Domino for beauty and inspiration, and they certainly excelled when featuring the home of Chay Wike. Chay is an LA based fashion designer and owner of her eponymous boutique which stocks her own line of clothing and beautiful lifestyle pieces.

The home she shares with her musician husband, Mark Wike, and their daughters, overlooks Los Angeles and is surrounded by nature.

In keeping with the surroundings, Chay has decorated their home with a beautiful, understated elegance. She has relied on a soft, natural colour palette with delicious texture to create a stunning, welcoming and cosy home.

Crisp white walls and ceilings provide a gorgeous light and airy feel.

Although originally built in the early 1930's, the home required few renovations. One of them was to rip up the old kitchen tiles, but with a stroke of luck underneath the concrete floor was so beautiful, in all it's imperfections, that they simply left it as is other then polishing it.

Some living areas have been left in their natural state of exposed brick walls and timber ceilings. Surrounded by large windows, it creates a warm space with an abundance of natural texture.

I love this black board which, with all of it's previous drawings and rubbing out, looks like a piece of art in itself. The baskets are home to lots of toys.

The girls are fortunate enough to have the master bedroom overlooking the canyons, which allows them plenty of space to play.

While smaller, Chay and Mark's bedroom is cosy and bright. The all white walls and bed makes it look more spacious, and the rugs bring earthy colour and warmth. Such a beautiful home, don't you agree?

I'm taking a few days away from my computer while I take my girls to the lake. I will be back with you next week. You can keep an eye on our happenings on Instagram.

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  1. A home with some really interesting, contrasting architectural features. I love the wooden ceilings juxtaposed with the roughcast brickwork. Other areas are much lighter and brighter, each room seems a new discovery. Thanks for sharing this great home.


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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