Thursday 21 August 2014

Bibby + Brady Loos | Part 1

I mentioned in a recent blog post that Dael & I have both just zhushed up out tiniest room in the house. Today I'm going to show you Dael's gorgeous little loo, and tomorrow you can see what I did with mine. Below are some 'before' shots of Dael's downstairs toilet. It's used mainly by her kids and guests, and is attached to her laundry.

It's amazing what a lick of paint and few rolls of wallpaper can achieve! Dael wanted the space to be fun and light-hearted. She chose the cute and colourful Penguin Library wallpaper - it's really fun to read all the different covers while you're in there.

Resene Knock Out pink is a great match for the adjacent wall in the laundry, and the white wall provides a break between the vibrant pink and the colourful wallpaper.

Because the theme is playful and fun, Dael took her stainless steel toilet roll holder and powder coated it in electric blue. The littlest details can make all the difference.

A black cage light with a hot pink cord finishes the room beautifully. Doesn't it look fab?!

To be continued... stay tuned for part two of the Bibby + Brady loos tomorrow.


  1. LOVE IT!!!!! The wallpaper is fabulous. This will set the kids up for quiz nights forever!! With the toilet roll holder, did Dael get that done professionally, or would a spray can of enamel paint do the same trick? Rx

    1. Thanks Rachel. You could have a go with spray can. The great thing about powder coating is it's super tough and won't chip, but you will pay more to do this, so you just have to weight both options up. x

  2. It looks totally fabulous! (I would expect nothing less). Great job team! xo


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