Friday 14 August 2015

LA Loft

It's been a while since I've featured a home tour on the blog, but I've been searching for one that just blows my socks off. To do that it has to be unique and quirky, and chocka full of personality. I found that in this cool Los Angeles loft, the shared home of Olivia Lopez, Erin Dennison, and Doug Emmett.

The natural light that all those beautiful windows allow, the space and the industrial nature of the building is a fabulous base to start with. The layers of texture and cool furniture complete the look. I love the wood and the worn leather with touches of metal.

With three cool creatives living here it was bound to be a stylish abode. I love the main colour palette of indigo blue, brown and white. I'm not usually a big fan of red, but in this case the small pops of red throughout are really cool.

Pop over to My Domaine to see more of this amazing home.

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