Thursday 24 March 2011

Audrey, Ava, Grace & Joan

I was lucky enough to attend the Craft Jam this week with my friend Bec. It was a chance to have a glass of wine, meet and chat with lots of cool like-minded ladies, and buy some beautiful handcrafted pieces.
My favourite stall of the night was Two Black Cats, where we met the lovely and very talented Sandi Reefman. Sandi lives here in Napier and designs and makes a gorgeous range of homeware. See a selection of her products below, and if you want to buy anything or have any queries drop her an email (tell her I sent you).

Satin group
Linen group
Tea towels
Ava cushion & Joan pillowcases
Audrey cushion
Ava cushion
Grace cushions - white linen (left) and oyster satin (right)

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