Tuesday 8 March 2011

A Happy Home

When I came across these photos of Fiona Douglas' home, I fell in love! If this was 
my house I'd never want to leave. And how could you have a bad day when you are surrounded by this symphony of colour, texture and pattern.

It's a tiny bit more 'full' than I would normally like, but everything has it's place and is actually very orderly - check out the colour-coded bookcase!

Fiona lives here with her fiance Phil. After initially studying painting at the Glasgow School, she discovered her real passion was in textiles. A firm believer that good design is something that can really make a difference in your life, Fiona designs things that make her feel good and hopes that it will make others feel good too. So it was a dream come true when she started her own business, Bluebellgray, a textile design company specialising in the home interiors market.

To see more and have a sneak peek in many more inspirational homes, visit design sponge - one of my favourite websites.

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