Thursday 9 June 2011

Tea anybody?!

Nothing beats a lovely hot cup of tea (well, apart from a nice cold glass of champagne!). We have a coffee machine at work, which everyone else uses - a lot! But I have a little floral tea-for-one teapot & cup. I once saw a little old lady order a cup of tea at McDonalds, she then preceded to pull a china teacup out of her handbag and pour her tea into it. I can totally relate to her - it just doesn't taste the same in a polystyrene cup. And I know a fellow blogger (Jacqui from Magpie Chic) who's cat will only drink out of a china teacup. 
So here is a little tribute to tea and some beautiful tea cups...

I love using tea cups as vases

Beautiful cups & saucers from T2 Tea's blog

Some of T2 Tea's pretty range

I love this print by Sweet William

Another beautiful Sweet William print - see more here

Very clever lighting collection by Greg Bonasera

Don't you just love these cute tea cups by Samantha Robinson?!


  1. Hi Vic, Such a gorgeous collection of images. I adore teacups - but sadly I'm a coffee lover through and through. Like you, I use my teacups as vases instead. Hope your week is going well!
    Amanda xx

  2. Oh how lovely. I have always liked the idea of tea cups as vessels for flowers. But, as lighting?! That is just brilliant (no pun intended.


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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