Wednesday 29 June 2011

Windows to the Soul

Here is another amazingly talented photographer, and he is local to Hawke's Bay - Go The Bay! I've fallen in love with Richard Wood's photos, they are just sublime... the eyes say it all. He can tell a story with a single shot. It was hard not to show all his photos, but I managed to narrow it down to my favourites. See much more on his website, and his Facebook page.

If that doesn't make any overseas Kiwis homesick, I don't know what would!

I love this photo - just amazing

A little girl in front of her ruined house after the Christchurch earthquake - so powerful

Just because I love horses!

The beautiful Yvonne

How cool - taken for his daughter with a long exposure and a torch


  1. These are amazing Vic! What a talent! Abbey x

  2. Knowing that the last image was for his daughter makes it even more special.


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