Thursday 28 July 2011

Colour Your World

Only a few more days of the school holidays left. I've had a lovely time with my girls, not having to rush off to school & work in the mornings, but I have to say it has been hard to get any work done. It is for this reason that I have to push back the opening of the Cush & Nooks online store. I wanted to have it open by the end of July but it will have to be early August now. 'Bare with' (does anyone else love "Miranda - the sitcom"), it's not long now!

Anyway, I was at the park this morning with my girlfriend. While our kids played, we sat in the glorious winter sun, drinking coffee and chatting. When we looked around at all the other Mums in the playground it was a sea of black. I think it's a New Zealand thing - women afraid of colour. I live in jeans, and am a big fan of black & white stripes, but love wearing colour - even if it's just a splash of colour in a scarf or necklace. If you're not sure what colours suit you, you can get a professional to do your colours and carry a little swatch in your handbag for when you're shopping. So go on girls, embrace some colour!

Here is one of my fav blogger girls, Sydney, showing you how to be casual and colourful...


  1. I'm with you! Love wearing colour :) Abbey x

  2. I love color! Yellow is my favorite these days:)

  3. Good on you girls. I'm quickly becoming a fan of yellow, it looks great with magenta and turquoise.


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