Thursday 12 January 2012

Shady Lady

We are having a scorcher today in the beautiful Hawke's Bay. I love being outdoors, but I am not a sun worshiper, I will always look for a nice shady spot. Because I married a beach-loving, surfer guy, and we have produced three little water babies, I have to spend a fair bit of time at the beach. But look at these cool ideas for enjoying the outdoors while still staying covered...

The Hollie & Harrie Sombrilla provides you with very stylish sun protection big enough for your whole family. Not only great at the beach, but also as a cubby in the backyard, or take them camping. When you've finished it folds up into a yoga mat-sized roll.

And how about this daybed by Gandia Blasco. It has a solid metal frame with white adjustable curtains. I do like the idea of being carried out to the beach by four gorgeous men! But if you don't want to carry it around, it would look amazing next to your pool.

If you're wanting to relax at home, Coastal Design, here in New Zealand, have a fantastic range of outdoor furniture. I have my eye on a few pieces to replace our old furniture in our new patio area and deck.


  1. Lucky you :) Auckland weather is grey & dull!
    My veggies in our garden has stopped growing I reckon hehe.
    Gaby xo

  2. Great blogpost -I long for a little sun here in Sweden!

  3. JEALOUS! It's freezing and very windy here (go figure)! I loved the Hollie and Harrie Sombrilla so much that I am off to look for it - it's the perfect size to take on holiday with me! Thanks Vic!

  4. How funny, we had our coldest January day in 3 years yesterday and I've had the cardigan on! These are all fabulous shady options but I think I'm loving those first ones most, so bright and cheery :) I'm a bit the same Vic, hubby loves to surf and I stay in the shade and avoid the awful sunburn!

    Abbey x

  5. I actually saw the Hollie and Harrie sombrilla on the Qantas inflight magazine on the way back from our trip to Oz and thought what a fabulous idea! They are so chic to use just about anywhere.
    Just wish I had a need to use them here in London ... but I dont think I would ever use them here.
    Will just have to wait until we move back home!!

    The idea of being carried by 4 bronze men is also appealing ....
    Have a great day Vic.

  6. The ones on top are so cute. I wonder how well they do in the wind (chasing after flying umbrellas at the beach is no fun). And yes...I am jealous of you too!

  7. I love those Hollie and Harry Sombrillas Vic. Am going to go and check them out. Thats weird that my link went to a Sweedish website. I will look into that and change it. Also you can phone The Department Store in Auckland and order the Top Shop clothing. Enjoy the sunshine. Amy x


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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