Tuesday 10 January 2012

Sibylle's Funkytime Home

Sibylle Roessler is the author and master mind behind the brilliant DIY and design blog, Funkytime. The Montreal home I'm about to show you, Sibylle shared with her husband and two gorgeous kids for only 6 months before moving to Spain. But in that short amount of time she managed to create a fabulous fun, warm home for her family.

I love her quirky DIY touches such as the beads strung from the chandelier, and the bedroom shelf made out of a drawer. You can find a lot of her DIY tutorials on her blog.

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  1. Hi Vic! Thank you for your lovely comments about my shoes, they are from Netaporter > http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/178613 xxx

  2. Love these images. I noticed the silhouettes, I am preparing a post on silhouettes as my mother has given me a very old one from 1800's painted on glass, I am getting a new frame for it as it was reframed in an awful one. I am trying to get an original style French Frame but hard to get an antique one to fit. May have to get a new one made or paint the old one black.

    I am planning to add it to the group in my hallway.

  3. Hooray! Not only a beautiful house tour but a new blog discovery too! The house is amazing – the DIY lights and the abundant chalk boards are my favourite features!

  4. What a shame they only lived there for 6 months! I'd cry if I'd created such a gorgeous space and had to leave it so soon! Love all the little creative touches. Great find Vic :)

    Abbey x

  5. thank you so much for the feature and the nice feedback! glad i discovered your blog!

  6. Gorgeous home Vic! I love all the personal creative touches - amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us, off to check out her blog xo K

  7. So lovely and so many charming details! Btw, loving the new header Vic!


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