Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fantastic Home

Fantastic Frank is a Swedish real estate website. It's nothing like the real estate I've ever seen here where I live! The Scandinavian's do it so well, achieving a clean, unfussy finish but still enough elements to add warmth and personality. The parquet floorboards in this home are to die for, and the little touches of colour brought in to the furniture and soft furnishings are my favourite elements. Even a messy, unmade bed looks cool!



  1. Wow, amazing! it look so fantastic. I love the ambiance of that house and furniture's inside. Love it. Thanks.

  2. Parquet floors make Ikea furniture look fabulous! Sigh, one day to have floors like that...the home really has a lovely feeling doesn't it? A x.

  3. A really cute apartment Vic. I love those two cushions on the small sofa under the window, also love the smart kitchen.

    Thank you for your comment re my mum left on my blog :)


  4. One of my favourite internet activities is to trawl through Swedish real estate and gawk at the flawless taste and style… this place is no exception!

  5. These photos are amazing! Would die for those floors!

    Abbey x

  6. Great for someone looking to sell their own home as well b/c it gives a great idea on how to declutter and depersonalize for selling.


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