Thursday 23 August 2012

Kiwi Flavour

A lot of the homes that I feature in my blog are international - Scandinavian, European, Australian... so I was stoked to come across this gorgeous home on Design Sponge that belongs to Auckland couple Kate Alexander and Matt Kardos, and their kids, Molly and Harry. Kate is the managing director of the design company Studio Alexander, and also the fabulous print store Endemic World.

Kate's creativity is evident when you look around their home, she obviously shares my love of colour, black & white, and graphic patterns and prints. Lots of Kiwi touches throughout confirm that you are definitely in a New Zealand home, a very cool one at that!

A print by New Zealand artist, Pat Hanly, sits above a red kiwi and a black tiki - definitely a kiwi home!

More NZ art, this time by Dick Frizell. Also on display, a simple mobile and Kate's growing bottle collection.

I bet this chair could tell a few stories! It once belonged to Matt's parents.

A gorgeous Citta Design cushion and the Mau print make an impact in the living room. 

More cushion love, and a Botanical Assembly print available from Endemic World.

The black feature wall looks amazing in the light, bright kitchen, and the perfect backdrop
for Kate and Matt's 'tools' artwork.

More Kiwi flavour in the bedroom - the light is by David Trubridge and the throw is from Wallace Cotton.

Kate sits at the desk made by Matt and his dad.
If you look carefully you can see a cool 'Foundry' print featured on the computer.

Harry's room is sporting dinosaurs and a 'Kiss' light by NZ designer, Catherine David.

Kate's studio looks like a totally fun place to get creative.

Super organised, Kate made mood boards for each room in their house.
Photography by Kristian Frires.


  1. Love the look of this house. Could defnitly see myself working in Kates studio! x

  2. I love the studio as well, and the armchair, and the sofa...most of it really!

  3. Such a fun home Vic! Loving that kitchen :)

    Abbey x

  4. Love love love these spaces!! I have been reading your blog through Bloglovin for a while and just realized I have never stopped and told you how much I enjoy it!!

    I enjoy it soooo very much !!!!!!!


    1. Thanks so much Tami. And lovely to find your blog Bohemian Treehouse now, I look forward to reading more. x

  5. isn't it great that we get to look in other people's homes! it gives us so many ideas. I love design sponge and the design files for that...and also, have you looked at thedosfamily, it's awesome too!

    1. Yes, I have seen the Dos Family, but haven't looked for ages. Thanks for reminding me, will do that this w/end. x


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