Tuesday 6 November 2012

Cube Room

When I first saw this image I was drawn in by the hot pink (that colour is like a magnet for me!) and the black & white, all in a very cool loft setting.

But when I read more about it I was blown away by the simple, yet very clever concept -
a mobile bed cube, or a room within a room. Mounted on casters the cube can be easily moved around into position. This would be really handy in Europe or the US where you often have big apartments or loft spaces. It creates a little bit of privacy in a large open space, and could even be set up with a desk and sofa as a little home office.

You can position the cube with the larger opening out to the room, and the bed acts as another sofa.

Or, for maximum privacy, place the open side against the wall. The small opening stops you from feeling claustrophobic.

Set up a projector and you can turn it into the perfect movie watching nook. And you have a choice of colours - if hot pink is not your thing!


  1. Now this is something I could really use. My little desk area is in the living room... next to the television! I long for the day that I can shut the door (on in this case, hide in my cube) and do my online shopping/browsing in peace!

  2. This is so clever! I'm like you Vic, always drawn to pink!

    Abbey x

  3. great concept! I wish I have one of this too! I love to change spaces every 3 month. Is there any who feels the same?! by the way, I'm in love with this fresh and new dining table inspired in Newton's Law of gravity. http://bocadolobo.com/le/newton.html. what do you think?

  4. Very cool design! Love the hot pink, especially alongside that gorgeous black and white cowhide rug x

  5. Ok, this is brilliant. The best part is that since it is on castors, it can go anywhere or be used for other purposes


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