Wednesday 14 November 2012

Stylish Baby Proofing

When little ones come into your life, you often have to re-look at your decor. When friends of mine who are about to become parents, or whose baby is not yet mobile, say that they'll just teach their child not to touch certain things, I smile and nod. While inside I'm thinking "right, I can't wait to see how that works out!". To some extent you can, and as they get older you can certainly teach them to respect people's belongings. But I'm talking toddlers here - they're like chubby little tornados!

I think this post by the gorgeous Joy Deangdeelert Cho, is brilliant. She works with my fav, Emily Henderson, to baby proof her living room, while still keeping it stylish.

The beautiful living room styled by Emily Henderson before baby

Fabric made into a fitted sheet was made to fit over the white sofa seat,
which wasn't standing up to baby spit and leaky nappies

The coffee table with it's sharp edges was replaced with two giant poufs
- soft, easy to wipe clean, and also used to put feet up on

Some of the less baby-suitable objects were removed and in their place
light, safe and even playful decor elements were added

I love this long, narrow console table that Emily has placed behind the sofa for putting your drink on etc

These heavy, breakable items were replaced and the chest turned sideways
to prevent baby Ruby from getting to the cords behind the sofa

Joy was sad to see her bar cart go but it had pretty much everything on it not suitable for kids
- glass, metal, sharp corners and booze
Emily found a gorgeous cabinet to go in it's place,
which houses a mini bar up top and baskets for Ruby's toys below

Pop over to Joy's blog to see more photos, and to read her full story.


  1. These ideas of genius! I've always loved the idea of adding a console table behind your sofa to keep your living room floor as clear as possible. Although as a non-parent I am slightly freaked out about having to cover your sofa to pre-empt a leaky nappy! (I had no idea that even happened)!!!!

  2. This is such a great post Vic. Bet the blue fabric over that white couch was the very first thought! I don't have kids and I'm not sure I'd cope! Even having friends kids at my house stresses me out!

    Abbey x

  3. It is so great to see baby proofing that can still look stylish. And I love the "before" picture where baby is just going at it- too cute!

  4. Thank you, thank you for this post!! I was looking around our house just yesterday thinking there is nothing baby safe about this place at all! We collect and hoard, so our home is filled with all sorts of quirky little things and WAY too much of it is at toddler height.

  5. I have done exactly the same thing with my sofa but its "Poppy proofing". I have a cream sofa which is not exactly doggie friendly so I have various throws that I spread across the seating part depending on what colour mood I am in. I can just whip it off when guests come around and the sofa still looks like new.

    Lee :)


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