Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Beautiful Books

I am obsessed with beautiful books! I always have a long list of titles I want to buy, and once I have devoured them from cover to cover, I use them in displays around my home. The best way to create a simple vignette is to stack a couple of books and top with a vase of flowers. They add colour and height to a vignette, and they anchor smaller objects placed on top, which would otherwise feel a bit lost. In a bookshelf, turn some on their sides to act as bookends. Practical and beautiful! Does anyone else share my obsession?

All images (and more) can be found here on my Pinterest 'Vignettes & Details' board


  1. Absolutely I do! The first image is my favourite. I'm looking forward to the day I can display mine again, without little hands wanting to grab at them! x

  2. All beautiful pictures - I love using books as displays,
    especially at my beach house where guests
    can relax and read xx

  3. I always love the beautifully stacked books on coffee tables. If only my husband didn't insist on using it more like an ottoman...

  4. I started doing this at home after I ran out of space on my bookshelves and I love it! ALso, it keeps all my favourite books close at hand so I don't forget about them.

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I treasure my coffee table books like no other! My fave image. the rustic wooden table with those amazing white flowers. i should know what they are....


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