Monday 17 December 2012

Christmas in Black & White

There's nothing quite as crisp, delicious, and graphic as black & white. I absolutely love this Christmas styling by Charlotte Love for UK company Papermash. Using paper straws to create snowflakes and garlands; and washi tape and stamps for gorgeous wrapping.

images via Charlotte Love

image via Papermash

When I think 'black and white', I automatically think Scandinavian design. So, of course, Ferm Living has a fabulous range of black and white Christmas decorations to make your home look suitably fab these holidays.

Christmas Tree Blanket

images via Ferm Living


  1. oooh think i might do black and white next year! pink and green are my xmas colours this year. Love the pictures!

  2. Isn't Charlotte Love just so clever? That black and white Xmas styling is some of the best I've seen x

  3. Just gorgeous and really sophisticated too -

  4. Every time I see gorgeous black and white Christmas inspiration I vow to be more disciplined and do it the following year but then I get sucked in by all the colours and twinkly lights! Maybe next year...

  5. Such a stylish, classic combination Vic! Love the Christmas tree blanket :)

    Abbey x


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