Tuesday 22 January 2013

A Touch of Glamour

I have eclectic taste. I love Scandinavian style; I love a touch of Bohemian; I love to add a bit of earthy, natural texture into my home; and most recently I am craving touches of glamour.

Whether it's a dash of gold or bronze, silver, a bit of sparkle. Luxurious texture in the form of velvet fabrics and fur throws. A splash of marble in your bathroom or kitchen, or on a table top. Chandeliers always shout 'glamour', and there are so many kinds to choose from. And the rich jewels tones of emerald green, peacock blue, magenta, and purple always look gorgeous...

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  1. That's the whole reason why I read your blog - you know style!!!

    I love the plush navy velvet ottoman and you had me with the peach throw!!!

    Love love love it -

  2. Marble and round mirrors - both amazing bathrooms. Love it all .. luxe fur throws, emerald, purple and gold. Eek.. I have to go pin!! x

  3. So gorgeous, lovely designs. Glamorous indeed.

  4. Im with you on this one Vic! I love lots of glam touches and finishes. Those green drapes are fabulous :)

    Abbey x


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