Friday 25 January 2013

Art for Art's Sake

I have a great love for abstract art, and would really love a large piece over our bed. My problem is Mark (the Mr) doesn't share my love for it. It would be so much easier if he didn't have an opinion! ;) That's a direct quote from Dale (off The Block Australia) aimed at Sophie. Dale & Soph are my favourite couple, and I know it's all finished in Australia, but we don't know the outcome yet in New Zealand, so please nobody spoil it for me.

Anyway, how do you feel about abstract art, are you a lover? If so, what do you say to those people that say "I could do that!" - you know they really can't. Here are a few of my picks...

Big Navy Petal Other Half by Rachel Castle

Scholar by Claire Desjardins

Over Oceans by Zoe Pawlak

Winter in the Bay by Zoe Pawlak

Asking for Directions by Emily Rickard
I'm going to buy this for my daughter's room - she loves abstract art!

And this is the piece, by Andrew O'Brien, that I fell in love with when I first saw it on the cover of Real Living magazine. Andrew supplied a couple of his pieces to contestants on The Block, and now you can buy Artist Edition Prints as well as his Original work. This is brilliant, as it makes his work accessible to everyone. Now, if only I could convince Mark!


  1. I love it Vic! Lucky for me my hubby is a fan of it too :)
    Sophie and dale were my faves too but I shall say no more!

    Abbey x

  2. Life would be so much easier if they didn't have opinions on interior related things. Not that I take much notice anyway! Both my husband and I are fans of abstract art but I also love all things ballet related and he definitely does not share this with me! We get The Block periodically here but we are so behind. I love this show!

  3. I love it too Vic! I'm lucky, because my husband likes abstract art also and is a talented painter (when he gets the time to paint). Good luck convincing your Husband! Yels x

  4. Fantastic - I remember watching that episode and thinking I must look the artist up - now I don't have to - I'm going to check him out now. Love his work! I'm completely addicted to The Block. Soph & Dale are my faves too x


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