Tuesday 12 March 2013

Freedom Winter 2013

Have you seen Freedom Furniture's winter collection yet? I am so impressed with the range, and have added quite a few to my wish list. Lots of bold graphics, bright colours, clean lines and gorgeous texture - what more can you ask for?!

It's hard to just choose a few, but here are some of my favourite items...

1.) Spaghetti Occasional Table - I loved this in gold, and now this version in a bronze colour is top of my list (also available in pink).
2.) Ribbon Vessel - very Scandinavian, it looks stunning empty, just imagine it with some pink peonies in it!
3.) Charade Vessel - this vase is more subtle but I love the texture.
4.) Jersey Cushion - in smart indigo stripes, cosy and tactile (also available in coral stripes).
5.) Neon Knit Cushion - yes, the neon stripe sold me! This is perfect for snuggling up with this winter.
6.) Ocean Ikat Textured Print - I love ikat, and these colours are gorgeous.
7.) Stockholm Coffee Table - another strong Scandinavian flavour, I love the simple lines, and a round coffee table is great for breaking up all those square lines found in your sofa and chairs.

I could've kept going, there is so much to admire. Have you had a look, what are your favourite pieces?


  1. Although it is still hot in Melb - I love those cushions, I can never have enough although my little boys like to jump on them hmmm!!! X

  2. Yes they have definitely gone a bit funkier Vic!

    Abbey x

  3. Oooooh how lovely! That jersey cushion will be mine! x

  4. They've really stepped it up .. you've put together such a great roundup and I can't wait to pop in for a look!

  5. Am obsessed with their new winter collection!! I can't live without the neon stripe cushion, or the black and white chunky chevron vase! Have you seen the winter collection in store yet? I keep checking the Wellington store but nothing yet...

  6. Replies
    1. It's all by Freedom, although this is now last year's collection.


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