Monday, 4 March 2013

Scandinavia Meets New York

Dumbo may not be the most glamorous name, but the tiny neighbourhood in Brooklyn,
New York is a place you should definitely visit if you get the chance. Full of fabulous art galleries, restaurants and interesting shops, it has spectacular views of Manhattan and New York's beautiful bridges. Dumbo is actually an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, and it's here, overlooking the East River, that Swedish-born Sebastian Stubbe and his American girlfriend Karis Durmer now call home.

The couple had been searching for the perfect industrial warehouse to transform into their home. They had nearly given up hope finding it, when they heard through a friend of a friend about this old factory building in the heart of Dumbo. Although Dumbo is now a hive of artistic activity, at the time it was still somewhat undiscovered. Sebastian and Karis knew this was it. Rugged and dirty though it was, the building had large windows overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge, and a magical feel that was irresistible to them.

With a shared love of art and interiors the duo transformed the space into a gorgeous loft with a blend of Swedish, New York and London influences. I'm completely in love with it - the beautiful, clean Scandinavian aesthetics, with an industrial edge, and just a hint of quirkiness. The large mirror leaned casually against the wall, at first glance looks like another doorway in the living area.

Surrounded by an eclectic mix of art, the tv cleverly blends in rather than being the focal point. The bright green of the cabinet is echoed in the single green dining chair.

What can I say about the bathroom other than 'yum!' The combination of white tiles and soft grey marble creates a beautiful, subtle statement.

And the colour theme flows over into the luxuriously spacious toilet. Including a photo montage in the loo is another shot of personality in a room that can often be a bit sterile.

What do you think? Haven't Sebastian and Karis done a fantastic job?! - yes, yes, YES!


  1. This is a winner for sure Vic! Love it! We are definitely going to try and see more of Brooklyn on our trip to ny in July. Didn't really have time last visit but dumbo is on the list this time around :) have a great week!

    Abbey x

  2. Three yes's from me too! I love this home. It's great learn about its history and location. The living room with the mirror and overhanging light is very cool as are the pops of green x

  3. Oh I wish I had known about Dumbo on my trip to NY! It's also been a dream of mine to live in an industrial-style loft so of course I loved this place. I am drawn to the artwork on the living room wall - also adore the bathroom!


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