Wednesday 29 January 2014

Painted Valentines by Fane Flaws

With just over two weeks until Valentines Day, who's thinking about surprising their favourite person with an awesome gift of love?! Well, I've got the perfect solution - a beautiful piece of original art by the super talented artist, Fane Flaws. Maybe you could causally leave your laptop, with this post on it, somewhere they'll find it, or email them the link, as a not-so-subtle hint for your V Day present.

I'm a word girl, I love most things typographical, so I really love Fane's set of song lyric paintings. Painted with gouache on brown paper, they are Messages Of Love. Choose from some classic songs by famous songwriters, or you can email Fane your favourite song lyrics and he'll make you a special painting. Here are some examples...

GIVE ME YOUR DIRTY LOVE (like a pink donation to some dragon in your dreams)
- Frank Zappa from Dirty Love

ANCHOR ME (in the middle of your deep blue sea) - Don McGlasgan from Anchor Me

WITH THE POWER OF SOUL (anything is possible) - Jimi Hendrix from Power of Soul

LET'S GET UNREAL (I'm talkin' about the way you make me feel) - Fane Flaws from Let's Get Unreal

WILL YOU STAY IN MY LOVER'S STORY? (if you stay you won't be sorry) - David Bowie from Kooks

Other lyrics available to order:
• ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE - (Love is all you need) - John Lennon from All You Need Is Love

• LOVE ME 2 TIMES GIRL - (Once for tomorrow...once just for today) - Robbie Kreiger from Love Me 2 Times
• I BELIEVE THAT YOU AND ME FOREVER - (Will stand accused of love) - Tom Petty from Accused Of Love
• IF YOUR'E A DOCTOR - (I need a shot of love) - Bob Dylan from Shot Of Love
• I LOVE YOU THEN I LOVE YOU NOW - (I'll love you till the cows come home) - Fane Flaws from Always
• WILD THING YOU MAKE MY HEART SING - (You make everything groovy) - The Troggs from Wild Thing
• I HAVE ONLY ONE ITCHING DESIRE - (Let me stand next to your fire) - Jimi Hendrix from Fire
• I WANT YOU - (I want you so bad it's driving me mad) - John Lennon from I Want You
• YOU THRILL ME LIKE I CAN'T BELIEVE (And more in love I've never been) - Fane Flaws from Mystery
• I NEED YOU MORE THAN WANT YOU (And I want you for all time) - Jimmy Webb from Wichita Lineman
• I DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE MEANING OF LIFE (I just want to love you) - Tony Backhouse & Arthur Baysting from The Meaning Of Life
• AND I'M GLAD (Glad about the good times - that we've had) - Don Van Vliet from I'm Glad
• I JUST WANT YOUR EXTRA TIME (And your kiss) - Prince from Kiss
 I'M A MAN - YES I AM (And I can't help but love you so) - Steve Winwood from I'm A Man
 GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE - Paul McCartney from Got To Get You Into My Life
• I GOT YOU (That's all I Want) - Neil Finn from I Got You
• HELLO I LOVE YOU (Won't you tell me your name) - Robbie Kreiger from Hello I Love You
• AlLL AROUND THE WORLD (Every boy & every girl need The Loving) - Andy Partridge from The Loving
• GIRL I WANT TO BE WITH YOU ALL OF THE TIME (All day and all of the night) - Ray Davies from All Day And All Of The Night
• THANK YOU FOR THE DAYS (Those endless days those sacred days you gave me) - Ray Davies from Days

The lyric paintings are 300 x 300mm and you can choose a white or a black background - unframed $450, framed $550.

Words I love, but I'm also crazy about birds, and have fallen for this set of painted Love Birds. There are only five paintings available - these are mocked-up images which Fane will paint in gouache on paper once ordered. He'll only paint each bird once, so be quick, first in first served.

The love bird paintings are 200 x 200mm - unframed $450, framed $550.

As well as those original paintings, another perfect Valentines gift is this Striped Heart digital print. It's printed on archival paper using archival ink. 700 x 550mm - unframed $450, framed $600. It's such a cool print, beautiful colour and texture.

For all orders email Fane Flaws. For Love Lyrics and Love Birds, order by Friday 8th February, and you'll receive your painting by Wednesday 13th February - perfect!

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