Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Home of Kristen Jackson

My post yesterday was to tell you about some of my favourite online magazines and their latest issues. Top of the pile for me is always Adore magazine, and their feature on ten budget decorating ideas was truly inspirational. My pick of the tips was Kristin Jackson's set of four hand-painted spotty curtains which she created for just $85 - amazing huh?!

Upon further investigation I discovered Kristin's blog The Hunted Interior and was instantly hooked. Kristin is so clever with her interior design skills and her DIY skills. She has a great line on her website that reads "Kristin believes in the design philosophy that you should hunt your surroundings to build a layered space that is true to you". Isn't that a great motto, and I whole-heartedly agree with her. And to prove her point, let's take a tour of her beautiful home.

The details, and the colour, and the life in this home - they're just delicious. And I didn't even show you all the photos. To see more and to follow Kristin's blog, head over here.

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  1. Kirsten really has great style, her home looks like it comes from a magazine shoot. What a clever idea, the gallery wall behind the tv, I like the way she has layered the pictures so that one sits halfway behind the television.


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