Monday 3 March 2014

Autumn Salon

Happy Monday everyone. Here's hoping you all had a fantastic weekend. I certainly did, especially on Saturday night when I attended Autumn Salon, a beautiful evening put on by Aroha & Friends and FG Smith Eatery. You may remember I blogged about it here, a girl's night out to celebrate the change of season and to enjoy food, fashion, and music.

The scene was set when the invitations arrived in the mail with Tracey Tawhiao's amazing handprinted artwork.

On the night, more of Tracey's creations awaited us at Smiths - handprinted goodie bags, and stunning art pieces hung on the walls and from the ceiling.

We were treated to music by Sarah Bell and Brad Gamble (one of the few men allowed), and also Sarah Wigg, and poetry from Tracey Tawhiao. The food by FG Smith, which included five small tasting courses, was absolutely divine. And Sarah Bell swapped her bass guitar for a microphone to talk us through the fashion show she had put together. A brilliant stylist, Sarah had picked outfits for the two gorgeous models from Aroha's new season range, and also a new wearable collaboration by Melaina Newport of Aroha & Friends.

Thoroughly satisfied by the delicious food, and inspired by the fashion show, we were free to wander through Aroha & Friends for some retail therapy, and to see Nikki Gabriel's fabulous and colourful installation.

It was a fantastic night, and so well organised. Because it was so successful it's quite likely there'll be a Winter Salon - fingers crossed! I'll leave you with a few more images by Sarah Bell and Pam Tinning featuring Marie Drew - a fashion story showcasing just some of Aroha & Friend's winter collection. Pop instore or online to see more.


  1. Hi Vic - This sounds like it was a gorgeous evening! A great combination of design, food, entertainment and art, with like-minded souls. Fantastic. Must get up the Bay so I can visit these places. R x

    1. It was, Rachel. We have some amazingly creative people here in the Bay. You should definitely come for a visit. x

  2. Oh how I envy your Saturday night! Looks like a fantastic event! And if you ask me, not enough retail therapy is done on a Saturday night.

    1. Yes, shopping after a few wines can be dangerous, Meghan! Although I was the sober driver on Saturday. so very sensible ;)


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