Wednesday 12 March 2014

Three Beans Café Design

There are a couple of cafés in my town that are like my second office. You can often find me there meeting with clients or suppliers over a coffee, having a planning session or brain storming with my business partner, or just hanging out with friends and family. The coffee, the food, and the service are all very important, but it's the design and ambience of a café that make it really special for me.

This Three Beans café in Broadway, Sydney is a great example. Although Three Beans is a franchise, each café has it's own soul and personality tailored around it's location and customers. Oasis Designs was hired to create a warm, intimate atmosphere for the café within the shopping centre.

The use of aged bricks, rustic signage and custom furniture helps to create the relaxed, warm feel of a place that has seemingly been there for years. Lots of beautiful texture features in the custom furniture provided by BSeated Global. I love the mix of chairs and tables - round tables and curved Bentwood chairs, parquet table tops and wooden school chairs with gorgeous copper legs... it all ties in beautifully with the Three Beans branding and colour palette.

I love the idea of bespoke commercial furniture. As a designer, having the ability to work with a supplier who can tailor their furniture design to each project, is hugely appealing. This is exactly what BSeated Global has done for Three Beans, and I'm really looking forward to their next café design.

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  1. Using darker timbers and funky lighting, this is the perfect spot to have award winning coffee.


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