Tuesday 3 June 2014

Adore Magazine | June/July

I've just had a lovely long weekend where I had the chance to catch up on housework, family, friends, and lots of reading. It's amazing how one extra day makes all the difference! Some of the reading (which I also count as research!) was the latest edition of the fabulous Adore magazine.

As you can see from the cover, there's an inspiring feature on work spaces. There are three very different home offices, all absolutely gorgeous in their own right. I love all of them, but I think the last work space, 'the bright office', is the one that speaks the loudest to me - isn't that desk incredible?!

Many of you will know what a big fan I am of the Melbourne shop Fenton & Fenton, so you can imagine how excited I was to see the article about Lucy Fenton decorating her friends' home for sale. Her friends were overseas, so Lucy was starting with a beautiful, newly renovated blank canvas. Nearly everything she filled the home with was from Fenton & Fenton. This is my kind of heaven - layers of colour, pattern and intrigue. I'm sold.

I was happy to read Lucy's comment about how a rug is the easiest way to transform a room, and an absolute necessity in most rooms. Dael & I always use rugs in our room designs, but it always surprises me how few people value their inclusion. Listen to Lucy, people! :)

These were my favourite parts, but there's much more so make sure you read the whole magazine for yourself. You'll see photos from Loni's recent book tour promoting her divine Adore book. I have been lucky enough to be the only NZ seller of the book, and have a single copy left! Email me if you want to purchase it, but be quick, it's as amazing as it looks!

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