Friday, 20 June 2014

Leather Sofa Love

To be honest I've always favoured fabric sofas over leather sofas, but I have to say there is always an exception, and for me, beaten up, cognac leather sofas are it! They just seem to ooze personality and 'coolness'. See what I mean?!...

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What about you... are you a fan of leather or fabric sofas?


  1. I love both fabric and leather couches - it's all about the setting. It was such a hard decision to make when we recently purchased our one, but we ended up opting for fabric. It works better with the style of our house and price was also a consideration for us given we have young children and we didn't want to fret about damage to the couch. Leather sofas look amazing in the right space and when they are layered in, and surrounded by texture. For those reasons, my favourite images in your selection are the first and third photos.

    1. do you know where we could find the 3rd and 4th pic sofa?

    2. I'm not sure where you live, but I love the Lennon sofa (Australian) -


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