Thursday 27 November 2014

Christmas Tree | Three Ways

Who's getting ready to put their Christmas tree up this weekend? I know December 1st is the official "tree putting up" day, but that's on a Monday, so surely one day early is OK?! I have friends who have already had their tree up for a week and more - they are true Christmas-aholics. If you feel like doing things a little bit different this year I have three creative ideas...

You can still keep it quite traditional, but take your creativity up a notch. Hide the base of your tree in a lovely big basket, and use smaller baskets to house all the presents.

Flag the tree altogether and attach your decorations to the wall in the shape of a tree. This is one for the die-hard crafty, creative types.

1 | 2 | 3

A simpler idea, and one I would definitely attempt is this beautiful tree made with Christmas themed photography.

What do you think?... will you go traditional or more creative this year?

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