Wednesday 19 November 2014

Tipi Modular Shelving System

One of the things I love about my work is all the amazingly creative people I get to 'virtually' meet. I was recently contacted by Asaaf Israel, the chief designer at Joynout Studio in Tel Aviv, Israel. He wanted to tell me about the new modular shelving unit he has designed.

Asaaf designed the Tipi Modular Shelving System after a year spent travelling the world. It inspired him to consider the borders between transience and a permanent home. "The ease of nomadism, when carrying one backpack and stepping towards the unknown, is a wonderful feeling. In fact, when we allow ourselves to put aside our comfort zone and walk towards such an adventure, we actually free ourselves. The freedom of nomadism allows us to study new worlds, and alongside to explore our own private cosmos."

The upper part of the poles on the Tipi shelving system is fixed with screws, but the cone-shaped structure allows the shelves to sit unfixed by any screws, nails, or brackets. The diameter of each hole in each shelf is precisely measured so as to stand in the exact and desired height. The beauty of the Tipi system is that it can be assembled, changed, disassembled and rebuilt into a new object - shelves, a wardrobe, or a desk with a shelf. Such is the versatility of nomadism, you must be able to change and adapt.

It's so clever, don't you think?! Currently produced in Israel, the units can be shipped internationally - they're compact when packed down making them quite portable. But Asaaf and his team are looking for a furniture company in New Zealand or Australia to produce the Tipi system down-under, therefore reducing the cost for us. If you're interested, get in touch, and tell them I sent you! :)

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  1. Una buena idea de diseño! Además de práctico y con tamaño perfecto para mesa de trabajo.


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