Tuesday 2 August 2011

Bargain Buys

Carrying on from yesterday's theme of treating myself, today I indulged in a spot of online bargain hunting. I bought this gorgeous book that I have had my eye on for a while now. 
The cover pulled me in first, it's so pretty, my coffee table is screaming out for it. And it keeps popping up everywhere I look, on other blogs, magazines... as if to say 'come on already, buy me!'So today I did. And if you don't already know of this site, pricetag, check it out. So brilliant, you type in the name of the book you want and it comes up with a long list of places to buy it online + shipping, so you can see the best deal. I bought mine from bookdepository.com.

Then I bought a pair of Hunter Boots on TradeMe (similar to eBay). I've been admiring these for a while as well. They have become popular with a lot of celebrities, they look great and are so practical. Since I haven't yet been able to find my Carlos Santana boots, these will be great when taking the kids to the park.

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  1. Although my husband likes to make fun of them, I love my Hunter boots. Every time it rains and I am merrily walking through puddles, I think, "...best money ever spent..."
    Thanks for sharing the pricetag link!

  2. I'm sure my husband will make fun of mine too! Can't wait for them to arrive.
    Just be aware that because the pricetag site is a New Zealand one, it lists the prices in $NZ, but we are pretty similar to the States at the moment. xxx

  3. My husband LOVES mine!! ...and they are good for the garden too! Sooo much more comfortable than my redbands....and I keep them on when I go to Mitre 10 mega :)


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