Tuesday 9 August 2011

Contemporary Furniture

This unique, award winning furniture is designed and produced by Mike Hindmarsh in his Nelson studio - what a great place to be, Nelson is chocka full of creative people. His designs include the 'slot-together dining table and stools' and the 'spacejunk' sculptural wall unit and side table. You can read more about Mike's designs and purchase from here.

And also a big Happy Birthday shout out to my dear friend Bec xxx



  1. Hello! So happy to have found your blog! I espcially love the post you did on the home in Portugal! Glad to hear it's a sunny day in HB - it's where I once lived and hope to return one day in the future! Would love if we could follow each others blogs x

  2. At first, I thought it was children's furniture! I am really liking the playful and retro feel and colors of the tables and stools.


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