Tuesday 8 April 2014

Capturing a Moment

One of my favourite parts of styling interiors is creating vignettes - collections of beautiful pieces that not only look pleasing, but also tell a story. It's the quickest way to bring your personality into a space. Trend forecaster (what a great job!), Anne Ziegler has mastered the art of vignettes and has created many throughout her new Los Angeles home.

White walls and blonde timber floors throughout provides a lovely base on which to layer her pieces. Everywhere you look you find gorgeous groupings and lots of yummy texture.

This (below) is one of my favourite vignettes. Your eye travels up and down the vertical line taking everything in. It's framed by the simple white curtains.

You can successfully group together pieces of a similar tone by making sure they are of varying sizes and textures - this adds interest and keeps it from looking 'blah'.

The use of art is another way to stamp your mark on your home.

And in the little nook outside the bathroom Anne uses the same vertical layering as in the living room. The little dipped stool in the bathroom beyond creates a visual link - so clever!

If you love this home as much as I do, go and get the entire tour over on Domino.


  1. Wow! I could SO happily steal her life/house/style xo

    1. Beautiful isn't it Fiona! What I love is that there are enough pieces to tell a story and make it interesting, but not too many to make it cluttered - a perfect balance x


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