Tuesday 29 April 2014

DIY Holiday Projects

To all you parents out there... how are things going these school holidays? We're into week two, and if you're starting to run out of things to do with your little people, I've put together a few simple DIY projects you might want to try. I featured this first one on my Facebook and Twitter pages and it was very well received. Some white paper, paint, and a potato creates the cutest wrapping paper, and I know the kids will love helping with this.

This little sock bunny is so adorable. It might be a bit tricky for the kids, but they will love the finished result, none the less. One baby sock per bunny, it's a great way to use those teeny socks that they've grown out of.

I love these little animal art blocks. They've used wooden blocks here, but you could also use a little canvas. A base coat of colour, print outs of your favourite animal, and a top coat of mod podge is all it takes.

I painted a lot of stones in my childhood - made entire families in fact! Another cute idea is to paint your own set of rock dominoes.

Last, but not least, the best place for gorgeous free downloadable creations is Eat Drink Chic. One of my faves is this paper popsicle memory game. This is one the bigger kids could help make, and the littlies will love to play.

Happy creating!

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