Wednesday 23 April 2014

YouShop | part two

You may remember my first post about YouShop, a service by New Zealand Post. It allows you to set up a free account on their website and provides you with a shipping address in the US and the UK. It means you can purchase items you previously couldn't because of their lack of international shipping. By having an international YouShop address, your products will be shipped to the YouShop warehouse in that country, and New Zealand Post will handle the shipping to New Zealand.

My first YouShop order was a Kate Spade purse to hold my business cards. I'd been looking for something for this purpose and hadn't found quite what I wanted. Kate Spade are based in New York and don't ship to New Zealand, so I used my US address. Even better, Kate Spade offer free shipping in the US, so there was no extra cost to ship my purse to Oregon.

I received an email from YouShop New Zealand Post, once my parcel reached their US warehouse, with the cost of the shipping to New Zealand. If you want to have an idea of what this will be before you purchase, check out the YouShop pricing on their website. I simply logged into my YouShop account and paid for the shipping online.

I was kept up to date with the progress throughout the whole process. An email arrived to confirm payment, and another once the parcel was on it's way to me. When my purse arrived in Auckland I was informed that it was clearing customs, and once it had, another email informed me that the expected delivery time would be 1-3 days. It was comforting to have that regular contact and know what was happening, and I was really happy with the overall shipping time of three weeks from purchase to delivery.

I love my purse, it's perfect for holding all my cards, and slips nicely into my well-worn, much loved Clare Vivier clutch. I definitely recommend you all to set up your own YouShop account, and I know I'll be using mine again.


  1. I signed up for You shop, I think its a great idea. Are you saying that you don't know the actual postage to NZ until it reaches the US address? Was it expensive for the shipping of this small item? It is rather lovely that wallet I must admit.


    1. Hi Lee. That's correct, when you purchase something you can obviuosly find out any shipping costs involved to ship within that country. Once your item/s arrive at the YouShop warehouse they'll work out the price to ship to NZ and email you. That's why I suggest using the YouShop pricing guide beforehand. If it's big and bulky your shipping cost will be more. This wallet was $22 shipping. Hope that helps x

    2. Thanks Vic, I must admit I signed up but as I hadn't used it didn't check the postage properly. I understand how it works now. It is a great idea for those companies that don't ship to NZ. I love some of the things Marks and Spencers have and they only ship UK, I see You shop also cover the UK :)



It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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