Wednesday 23 November 2011

Beautiful Boudoirs

Here are a couple of happy spaces to lay your head. Using the painting as a headboard is a fantastic idea, and I am just so in love with bright sunshiny yellow.

The colours in this room are so pretty - it just makes me smile. A perfect spot for a cuppa and a good book.

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  1. wow! i love them both. that painting in the first pic and the turquoise chair and little nook in the second are beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous Vic. Love the colours in the second image. hope you are well and you havent been blown away this week. Strange weather we have had this year! x

  3. These are such happy rooms Vic! Could never be grumpy waking up in that yellow room and I love that rug in the second room :)

    Abbey x

  4. I love the look and idea of a bed nook. So cozy!


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