Friday 11 November 2011

Friday Loves

Yay, it's Friday. A couple of things I wanted to share with you... Look at this amazing room! Of course the swing is the centre piece, and who wouldn't want a swing in their living room, my girls would love it! But I'm crazy about the whole room - the photos down the beam look fantastic, and the light airy feeling created by the white floors, walls, ceiling, furniture, the bi-fold doors, airy curtains, big sky light - simply gorgeous!

picture source

Also loving these gorgeous blooms from my clever Aunty Kate's garden - she is a gardener extraordinaire! Enjoy your weekend. xxx


  1. Oooh! The swing looks so much fun! Enjoy the gorgeous weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  2. How have I managed to live without a swing in my living room? Also, can you ask your Aunt Kate if she wouldn't mind popping over to London to sort out my garden? I managed to kill an evergreen tree last week! Have a lovely weekend Vic!

  3. That is indeed a lovely room Vic! And your aunt must have an extraordinary green thumb! Those flowers are divine. Have a great weekend :)

    Abbey x

  4. How amazing do those flowers look in front of your gorgeous wallpaper! xx


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