Tuesday 1 November 2011

Current Crush

I recently found a cute little shop called Down to the Woods. They place an emphasis on whimsy and the desire to enchant children and recapture memories for grown-ups.
I particularly love their Little Lamb Felt Garland, described as a 3m String of Joy.

A new online mag called EST recently used some of the garlands in their first issue. How amazing is the styling, and look at that beautiful horse! Read more about it in their blog.

I think my most favourite thing is the Cloud Factory. We have our very own Cloud Factory here in Napier. Well it's actually a fertiliser works, very smelly and not at all pretty. But it puffs great clouds of smoke into the air, and our daughter Mia is convinced that this is where clouds are made. So she has named it the Cloud Factory, and that is what it will always be called now! I love that she has turned something not so nice into something lovely, and for that reason I think I will have to purchase one of these little beauties to preserve the memory for me.


  1. These are so bright and fun! Love the pic with the caravan :)

    Abbey x

  2. Who knew a brightly coloured garland could be so versatile? I don't know how I have managed without one! P.S - gave you a shout-out on my blog today x

  3. horses with pom poms and cloud factories??? hello heaven!!!


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