Tuesday 10 April 2012

Delightful Kids' Rooms

It's the beginning of the school holidays, so I though it was appropriate to do a post on some gorgeous kids' bedrooms. They are from the Finnish blog Weekday Carnival, and if you're a fan of Scandinavian design you must pop over, you will be inspired no end. The author, Riikka Kantinkoski, also has an online shop stocked with products she designs and makes.

These first images show a cute little playhouse made out of a series of fabric & foam triangles. With the help of zips and domes you can create the playhouse; alternatively unzip them and you have a play mat; un-dome them, stack them on top of each other and you have a cute seat - so clever! The pattern and instructions will be available at some stage in a DIY book that Riikka is putting together.

Here is the rest of this cool bedroom...

And wait, there's more! The toys are so great, and the artwork & posters are gorgeous - so simple and graphic.


  1. Isn't the playhouse idea so clever? Our 7 year old is elephant mad so would love this too...even at 7! I hope your holidays are going well....we've got a 14 year old girl over the road who wants to start babysitting. Happy? Me? Yes! Annie x.

  2. All so cute! My son would have loved the playhouse!!

  3. What a great space! You wouldn't happen to know where that Tiger poster is from?? It would be perfect in my toddler's new bedroom! It looks a bit like it might be a vintage poster?

    1. Hi Fiona, it's great isn't it! The Tiger print is by Stockholm artist, Ingela Arrhenius. You can find them at Hus & Hem... http://www.husandhem.co.uk/paper/825-ingela-arrhenius-tiger-poster.html

  4. Thanks so much! That's a definite purchase :-)

  5. where did you buy the bed?, you didnt make i youreself or ????? :-)



  6. No, I didn't make the bed, Christina. Check the link at the top of the story - the bed belongs to Riikka Kantinkoski, check her blog, Weekday Carnival.


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