Thursday 20 June 2013

The Manifesto Magalog IV

I'm a long-time fan of Roxy Owens and her company Society Social, so I was excited to check out the fourth issue of The Manifesto Magalog - a magazine/catalogue showcasing all the gorgeous SS products. You can see my earlier post here for more on Roxy's background.

It's fantastic to see Roxy's original designs in situ, styled beautifully and looking as glamorous as ever. With plenty of colour & pattern, and lashings of gold, I was positively swooning.

I've selected some of my favourite pieces to show you. The fabrics and table tops come in a wide range of brilliant colours, so you can tailor make the piece specifically for you.


  1. If I had stumbled across this myself, I would have sent it straight to you! So many things I love about this (that pillow in the first picture and the selection of wallpaper really knocked my socks off)! Will definitely be pursuing it further in my lunch break!

    1. Ha, it's funny how we can spot each other's style these days. We are quite opposite really, you with your calm neutrals and me with my bright colour & pattern! :) x

  2. I agree - this is so your style Vic!! I can't help but be drawn to that peach wallpaper with the animals - gorgeous! x

  3. Great styling in the pictures. And although pink is not my thing, who can resist that salmon coloured bar against that patterned wallpaper??


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