Wednesday 7 May 2014

A Colourful & Textural Abode

Hold on to your hat, I'm about to 'wow' you with another gorgeous and unique home. Located in Los Angeles, it's owned by Laura Purdy, Juan Devis and their children. This is definitely a backyard where you need to kick off your shoes and enjoy all the yummy textures underfoot. I love the rustic tree trunk pavers.

Undoubtedly my favourite part of this home is the effect from the raked-stucco walls in pink and yellow. Not only a beautiful injection of colour, but amazing texture as well. Cork flooring throughout creates continuity and gives the home a soft bounce underfoot - perfect for scampering children.

The cork continues down the stairs to the kid's level, and a rope railing adds another fun element.

More cork running up the wall makes a great pin board to display the family's art - what a perfect home for this creative family.


  1. Cool! Very creative! The wooden stepping stone family had that at our house growing up, so weird to see it again...I thought it was really cool back then (no one else had it).


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