Monday 12 May 2014

INT2 Apartment

This incredible apartment by Russian architecture firm INT2 is so cleverly thought out, everything flows, and there is a beautiful sense of cohesiveness.

A three sided built-in bookshelf provides a wall divider between the entrance and home office (you can see more of this further on in this tour).

When the TV is not turned on, the wallpaper behind becomes the feature. This leads your eye down to the rug, which also acts as an anchor for the living area in the large open space.

It's a toss up whether my favourite space is the kitchen or dining area. Even though they're both part of the large open plan, they have clever features which help to define their zone.

The kitchen has a striking batten ceiling to claim it's space. The dark wood on the front of the island bench is a gorgeous contrast to the stark white, and marks the end of the kitchen.

The dining room, with it's raised floor and lowered ceiling, is like a room within a room - a room with no walls - I love it!

Each space has very different, but equally stunning lighting. The light wood on the back of the island bench adds a link to the dining room.

A small alcove between the dining area and home office is the perfect spot for the piano. The grey wall is what defines this space, and this continues along one wall of the office beyond.

I love the half blue wall in the bedroom. It's a beautiful backdrop to the simple white bedding, and the mirror is a genius way of linking the two.

The wall behind the TV in the bedroom is reminiscent of the kitchen ceiling, and (like the wallpaper panel behind the TV in the living area) it takes some of the emphasis away from the TV. TVs are often a necessary part of a home, but I love seeing clever ways of making them not the main focus of a room.

More beautiful batten ceilings in the bathroom, and the tiles remind you of the wallpaper and rugs in the main living areas - there's that cohesiveness!

Everything has been thought of in this apartment - even the wardrobe and laundry are beautiful in the same simple, clean-lined style. If you look carefully you'll notice the mirror at the end of the wardrobe reflects the perfectly placed chair in the entrance (first pic). I've got lots of inspiration from this apartment, I hope you have to.



  1. Wow! This place is stunning. How great are all the lights? (And everything else!) xo

    1. The lights are gorgeous, Fiona. All the finishing touches are amazing. x

  2. does anyone know where the kitchen stools are from?

    1. Because it's a Russian apartment, I can't tell you the exact stools. But Tim Webber, in NZ, does a very cool stool with a similar look. x

  3. Where is the location of the bedroom/bathroom/laundry? Hard to tell from the pictures. And how does the wardrobe fit in that space of the entrance reflects in the wardrobe mirror?!

    1. I checked out the floor plan on the INT2 website, Lisa. The walk-in wardrobe is behind the office, you can see the door near the entrance. There's also a door behind the wall with the TV on, this leads to the bathrooms, or you can get to them from a hallway off the living area. And at the end of the hall is the bedroom. If that's hard to visualise, go to the INT2 website and find the floor plan. Hope that helps :) x


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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