Monday 26 May 2014

The Student Hotel

I was so excited when I came across The Student Hotel online recently. Located in Amsterdam, it's amazing accommodation for students, interns, researchers, friends and family. It's so refreshing to see a big facility like this with such incredible design throughout. It looks like the perfect home-away-from-home.

The rooms are fully furnished with private en-suites. There are large shared kitchens and a restaurant, and, of course, lots of quiet study areas.

It wouldn't be a student campus without lively communal areas to catch up with friends, watch a movie, shoot some pool, or even work out at the gym.

pics via here

I'm so impressed, I wish there was somewhere like The Student Hotel when I was studying all those years ago! Dael & I are working on a small commercial interior design project at the moment, and I look forward to showing you more soon. After seeing what they've achieved here, I'm itching to sink my teeth into more commercial work where we can really get creative. Watch this space!


  1. OMG - a million miles away from the student hostels I have ever been in!! Must be very well behaved students? Awesome. x

    1. Tell me about it, Rachel! This would've made studying so much more fun :) x


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