Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Family Lake House

I know a lot of people who have had wonderful childhoods spent at their family lake or beach house, and then when they grew up and stopped using it as much, the home was sold. It's only when they had children of their own that they remember those childhood days fondly and wish they could recreate them for their kids. Not often does that opportunity come around, but for fashion designer, Jennie Kayne-Ehrlich, it did.

Her childhood home in Lake Tahoe was sold after the family's lives changed and they moved on. 10 years later, and with two young children, Jenni became nostalgic for that home. She and her sister, Saree, began to look for a place to rent in the area, and discovered their old home was on the market - it was meant to be!

The family bought the home together, but it was Jenni who was put in charge of the renovation. She wanted it to feel like a lake house, somewhere you could come in with sandy feet. She borrowed the colour palette from outside and used lots of natural materials and texture, keeping it simple and classic.

photos by Lisa Romerein

What a beautiful home and story, and what an idyllic life by the lake. To read more about it hop over here.

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